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Twenty Years of MouseAdventure

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This year is the 20th anniversary for MouseAdventure, and the 5th anniversary for Third Gate Games. The first event named "MouseAdventure" took place in 2000, and it evolved from an event promoted on alt.disney.disneyland in the old usenet days.

We've recently launched our revamped website, which includes a timeline tracing back to these earliest events the best we can. We have more information on some than others from the earliest years. You can see all of the results, recaps, and photos we have via our MouseAdventure history page. We've had about 50 events since we began, depending on how you count them.

As part of our 20th anniversary celebration, we are launching a puzzle a month free to our fans on the 20th day of each month. You can access the puzzles as they become available on our anniversary page.

There are no prizes, just the satisfaction of solving and bragging rights if you solve them before your friends. In order to enter your answer and make it on the leaderboard, you will need an account for our Third Gate Games forums.

We hope you enjoy them, and hope to see you at one of our in-person events soon!

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    1. Sorry 4acs, just saw your message.
      The letters you got to in the February quest should give you a four word question leading you to a final couple.
      Let me know if you need any more help!

      1. Figured out Feb and also got March –loved that one
        Question on Jan– we got 7 letters is it correct that make one word and they are not scrambled? really stumped if it is one word–

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