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We are all anxious to get back to in-person MouseAdventure events and the Third Gate Games team misses seeing all of our teams. As much as we would like to get back to hosting a full-fledged game at Disneyland this spring, certain factors have conspired against us. The continued scarcity of reservations makes it difficult to plan ahead. In addition, impending construction in the Downtown Disney area would make it difficult to find a gathering spot for an event.

As a compromise, we’ve come up with a solution: a new vacation pack for Disneyland and a weekend where the Third Gate Games staff will be around for an informal meetup to say hello and answer questions on May 14 and 15.

We’re currently writing the vacation pack that will go on sale in April. When it goes on sale, you will order it through our online store and receive it in the mail. We will not have packs with us on the meetup weekend. There won’t be any prizes, we won’t score anything, and there will be no results announced. It’s just a way for us to get something new out to our players and get a little face time in!

The most important thing to do this month if you want to visit on May 14 or 15 is to make your park reservation. The first day to reserve May 14 will be on February 15. It’s important you reserve your park day as soon as possible because weekends fill quickly.

The vacation pack will be available to be played at any time, not just on the weekend in question so you can still order it even if you can’t visit Disneyland in May. We hope to see many of you there though!

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  1. Hey so we are thinking about doing this… will the meetup then take place inside DL park (not DCA) so we know what sort of ticket to get? And is it either May 14 or May 15, or both days, or…? We are out of state so just trying to plan.

    Thank you!

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