Reply To: WDW Spring 2017 – Magic Kingdom and Resorts

March 8, 2017 at 9:24 am #1059

For those who weren’t able to pick up the full ticket book for the Opening Day quest, here are the questions:

Main Street Vehicles – The stop for the Omnibus is located at the front of what building?
Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel – What colors are the feathers on the carrousel horse with a bison on its hindquarters?

Fontier Shooting Gallery – Whose talk was fast but draw was slow?
Mad Tea Party – Who said “Be good at something. It makes you valuable”?
Dumbo the Flying Elephant – What color hat is on the photo spot Dumbo?

Grand Prix Raceway – What is written above car number 22?
Swiss Family Island Treehouse – How many cannons are in front of the entrance?

WDW Railroad Steam Trains – What year is the May 28th Freight Bill on the desk spike from?
Enchanted Tiki Birds – How many horned animals adorn the show building roof?

“it’s a small world” – Serenaded by ____ ____
The Haunted Mansion – What animal is on the weathervane?
Jungle Cruise – Missing Boat (3 words)
Hall of Presidents – A Celebration of ____ ____
Country Bear Jamboree – A ___ & ____ good time!

Teams had to answer all questions on a ticket to receive credit.