Reply To: Spring 2017 – Universal Hollywood

May 22, 2017 at 10:04 pm #1216

The Little Rascals also gives their thanks to the TGG team for a great time. I didn’t really know what to expect considering the difference in the amount of theming between USH and DL/DCA but was pleasantly surprised. It really did help me see things in a new way, which is partly the reason I play these games. In particular, I was astounded by the amount of theming in the Westminster area of the park.

Our team was able to solve all the quests (save for the hidden quest/eye spies), which is a first for me! We were really excited until we heard that several other teams achieved the same thing :p

We were really struggling finding the ET plaque. We were stuck on the word “nearby” and were checking The Mummy and even Jurassic Park. Finally my teammate said “What if it’s at Panda Express?” And bam.

I thought these puzzles were a little easier than usual (I’m used to the MA “we give you more tham we expect you to finish, time management is part of the strategy”) but I thought it made for great pacing because we needed all downtime we could get due to the heat and the lack of shade the park has.

Lots of people were interested in what we were doing and I think we gave away all our cards within the first two hours.

My favorite quest, I think, was the cypher quest because I didn’t get to solve it last time during MA as my other teammates were in charge of that while I solved the logic puzzle. It is a very cool puzzle. Thank you to Chris for cutting up all those pieces of tape.

Speaking of cool puzzles, I did miss the evil paragraph and the logic puzzles. After the word search, those are my jam.

Overall I would love to see another game at USH but I am intrigued by a game at Knott’s now that I know that this game seems travel well!

Great job to all involved. And thanks for my new little Minion!