Reply To: Fall 2017 – Disneyland Resort

September 19, 2017 at 9:39 pm #1360

What a day! The Churro Chasers are completely thrilled with our first place finish!

Like Joe mentioned at the post-game gathering, we were exiting the 5 freeway at 8:15 am, which we thought was plenty of time to check-in and hear the rules presentation. Unfortunately, it took us 25 minutes to exit onto Disneyland Drive, then once we were heading into Mickey and Friends to park, they re-directed us all the way over to the Toy Story parking lot through the worst traffic I’ve seen around the resort. By the time we parked, rode the bus, and made it through security, it was 10am!! As we hustled across the esplanade, we saw yellow lanyards and knew the game had already started.

We booked it down to the AMC theater and were told by an AMC employee that the DuckAdventure staff were no longer there. Fortunately, there was one team outside who helped inform us that Central was the Jolly Holiday. It was roughy 10:20 by the time we finally received our packet and boy did we feel like we had lost time to make up for. Overall we worked really well together, only getting hung up once. Upon turning everything in, we were exhausted, but felt like we gave it our best shot. The post-game ceremony was totally unreal to us. We were simply hoping to make top 10!

Thank you to the entire Third Gate crew and volunteers who made this event happen! I look forward to these events each year and can’t express how much fun I’ve had working with my family as a team. It was an extremely fun day and created a memory we’ll cherish for a long time. Can’t wait for the next one 🙂