Reply To: MouseAdventure Rules

February 11, 2018 at 12:09 pm #1584

I have a couple of questions. This upcoming MouseAdventure in Animal Kingdom will be my first.

1. We had a team of 4 entering, and then 1 more colleague decided to join us, so we have asked about splitting into 2 teams (2 + 3), and I hope the staff will permit that. But does the “no collaboration” rule mean that we will have to avoid talking or meeting with each other during the day? We had made lunch reservations together, but maybe we now need to split into 2 lunch groups, or make our lunch later. Do we know yet what time the event ends, so I can make reservations after that?

2. My wife and I are old and lame. Literally. We use scooters in the parks. I trust this won’t be a problem.