Reply To: Mouse Adventure Walt Disney World 2018

March 6, 2018 at 11:01 am #1612

Thanks to all the teams who came out and played MA: Tails with us at Animal Kingdom! We were really happy with how smoothly it went, and had great weather to boot,

Congratulations to the teams that placed! Total possible score was 654

First Place: Team Plutonium – 590
Second Place: Teamboat Willie – 583
Third Place: San Diego Mouse Catchers aka 2nd or Bust – 579
Best New Team: We Want the Red Head – 568

Our Masters team, Conflicting Weenies, scored 609 (Masters are ineligible to win).

We also recognized two non-award categories at our results ceremony:

Highest trivia score : Peace, Love, Mickey – 35 out of 49
Highest Eye Spy score: Teachers of Tomorrowland – 9 out of 11

Post any questions about quests below. We will have a full recap soon!