Reply To: Spring 2018 – Disneyland Resort

April 30, 2018 at 10:57 am #1725

Roar Omega Roar had a great time at the event yesterday! Our favorite quest was the one inside the Animation building — shade, AC, and good music 🙂 We scrambled for about three songs until we got a system down, but the quest was smooth sailing once we created a system, haha. We also got lucky and had an over-achiever that wrote down the order the movies/songs were played in. SCORE. We also loved the construction walls. The quest finding the folks in vests was fun as well, until the vests had to be taken off… then it got harder, that’s for sure! This was our first time playing Advanced and we were happy to say we weren’t out of our depth.

What was different for the Basic and Advanced teams this time around? Also, where was the hidden quest? We felt like we were onto it a few times, but none of our theories panned out.

Also, when will winners be announced and scores posted? We heard there were some issues with score tallying (which I’m guessing is why there was no announcement of winners last night?), but we missed the post-event gathering.

Thanks for a great game!