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May 1, 2018 at 11:54 am #1740

Here are the answers (denoted by **) for all the trivia questions from this game.

We dropped #28 and #34 as both had two possible answers – so maximum score went from 50 to 48.

1 Before it was called Tom Sawyer Island, the island was supposed to be named for this character:
A Long John Silver
B Mickey Mouse **
C Bambi
D Donald Duck
E Peter Pan

2 On the ABC show Home Improvement, this was the name of Tim’s show within a show:
A Nuts and Bolts
B Tools-A-Plenty
C Hammer Time
D Tool Time **
E Handy Man

3 A large halfpipe, motocross arena, and dirt jumps were built in DCA for the X Games Xperience in what year?
A 2002
B 2003 **
C 2004
D 2005
E 2006

4 In the movie Pollyanna, after a fire damages the old one, the town holds a bazaar to construct a new:
A Orphanage **
B Hospital
C Restaurant
D Train Station
E Church

5 Which item was the earliest addition to the Matterhorn Bobsleds?
A The Abominable Snowman
B A tribute to Frank G. Wells
C An opening for the Skyway **
D FastPass
E Single-Rider seats

6 Walt Disney produced four attractions for the 1964-1965 World’s Fair. Which of these wasn’t one of the sponsors?
A Ford
B The State of Illinois
D Dole **
E General Electric

7 When this attraction was constructed, it was the last official “E-ticket” before Disneyland switched to the “passport” (all day) ticket.
A The Matterhorn Bobsleds
B Space Mountain
C Splash Mountain
D Haunted Mansion
E Big Thunder Mountain Railroad **

8 A three-block section of Portobello Road was constructed inside a soundstage at the Disney Studios for this film:
A Mary Poppins
B Summer Magic
C Pete’s Dragon
D Bedknobs and Broomsticks **
E Treasure Island

9 This construction technique that creates the illusion of size on Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Main Street shops is called _______ perspective:
A Angled
B Forced **
C Disney
E Fictitious

10 The construction of this prompted the name change of Bear Country to Critter Country
A Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
B The Hungry Bear Restaurant
C Grizzly River Run
D Splash Mountain **
E Fantasmic!

11 The Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough reopened in 2008 after closing its doors in:
A 1999
B 2000
C 2001 **
D 2002
E 2003

12 Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa was constructed with inspiration from this movement:
A Art Deco
B Arts & Crafts **
C Art Nouveau
D Pop Art
E Modern Art

13 Before Disneyland built Star Tours, the Adventure Thru Inner Space attraction in that location shrunk people down and sent them to explore a:
A Raindrop
B Leaf
C Heart
D Snowflake **
E Flower petal

14 What type of transportation system is currently under construction to connect Disney’s Art of Animation, Pop Century, and Caribbean Beach Resorts with Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot?
A Monorails
B Gondolas **
C Ferries
D Underground tunnels
E Pumpkin-shaped carriages

15 The new parking structure currently under construction next to Mickey and Friends was previously a parking lot named for what character?
A Lilo
B Timon
C Jessie
D Pinocchio **
E Eeyore

16 Walt Disney World is building an attraction in Epcot’s France pavilion based on this film:
A Ratatouille **
B Beauty and the Beast
C Hunchback of Notre Dame
D Cinderella
E The Aristocats

17 Soarin’ at DCA was constructed with inspiration from this classic toy:
A Tinker Toys
B Lincoln Logs
C Erector Set **
D Play-Doh
E Spirograph

18 A fake street sign on the Disney Studios Lot at the intersection of “Mickey Ave/Dopey Drive” was constructed—and never removed—for:
A Who Framed Roger Rabbit
B Saving Mr. Banks
C The Reluctant Dragon **
D Saludos Amigos
E 40 Pounds of Trouble

19 When something is under construction at Disneyland, you’ll often see this sign: Pardon Our __________
A Pixie Dust **
B Magic
C Sorcery
D Fairy Dust
E Mess

20 Gadget, who was from this show, “constructed” the Go-Coaster in Toontown:
A Gummi Bears
B DuckTales
C Darkwing Duck
D Chip’n’Dale Rescue Rangers **
E TaleSpin

21 Which of the following was added first after Disney California Adventure’s opening?
A Block Party Bash
B The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
C “a bug’s land” **
D Turtle Talk with Crush
E Monster’s Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!

22 In the film Swiss Family Robinson, the youngest son, Francis, constructs a pit that traps:
A A tiger **
B An elephant
C A python
D A bear
E A crocodile

23 The official name of the statue constructed in the hub at Disneyland is:
A Walt and Mickey
B Friends
C Memories
D Partners **
E Started by a Mouse

24 In The Emperor’s New Groove, Kuzco wants to demolish Pacha’s house to construct:
A Kuzco Kingdom 2.0
B Kuzcoland
C Kuzcotopia **
D Mount Kuzco
E Camp Kuzco

25 This Tomorrowland attraction, constructed on the Peoplemover tracks, closed after only two and half years:
A Rocket Jets
B Tomorrowland Speedway
C Peoplemover 2.0
D Space Racers
E Rocket Rods **

26 Before DCA constructed Silly Symphony Swings, guests would swing inside:
A A bunch of grapes
B A lemon
C An orange **
D A pineapple
E An apple

27 The Enchanted Tiki Room is the only attraction in Disneyland Park constructed with this:
A Pre-show
B Audio-Animatronics
C Benches
D Bathrooms **
E Wheelchair elevator

28 The Disneyland Railroad reopened in 2017 after construction that added: ** we dropped this question as it had two correct answers **
A A dip
B A left turn **
C A right turn
D A waterfall **
E Animatronic passengers

29 This Disney Cruise Line ship was the first passenger vessel to cross through the newly construction larger locks of the Panama Canal in 2017:
A Disney Magic
B Disney Wonder **
C Disney Fantasy
D Disney Dream
E Disney Wish

30 Which of these was not a California-inspired sign you could once find at Disney California Adventure Park?
A Sam Andreas Shakes
B Malibu-Ritos
C Maliboomer
D Mulholland Madness
E Topanga Treats **

31 It took this long to build Disneyland:
A 1 year **
B 18 months
C 2 years
D 5 years
E 10 years

32 Hayley Mills plays Susan Evers who meets (and eventually marries) Jeffery Wyatt when she is hired to redesign his home in this movie:
A The Parent Trap
B Parent Trap 2
C Parent Trap 3 **
D Parent Trap 3: Hawaiian Honeymoon
E Parent Trap 4: Vicki’s Revenge

33 When Disney California Adventure Park’s ABC Soap Opera Bistro opened (and then closed about two years later), it had rooms representing each of the below shows except:
A Port Charles
B All My Children
C One Life to Live
D Ryan’s Hope **
E General Hospital

34 In the movie Cars, Lightning McQueen repaves the road in Radiator Springs while hitched to: ** we dropped this question as it had two correct answers **
A Bonnie
B Bessie **
C Betsy
D Becky
E Bessie **

35 Before Anaheim, Walt had his eye on constructing Disneyland in this city:
A Burbank **
B Pasadena
C Glendale
D North Hollywood
E Simi Valley

36 In Lilo and Stitch, Stitch constructs this city in Lilo’s room – so he can destroy it:
A Tokyo
B San Francisco **
C Los Angeles
D New York
E Hong Kong

37 Last year, Disney Cruise Line announced the construction of ____ new ship(s):
A 1
B 2
C 3 **
D 4
E 5

38 The Death Star was destroyed in which two Star Wars films?
A The Last Jedi & Return of the Jedi
B A New Hope & Return of the Jedi **
C Empire Strikes Back & The Force Awakens
D A New Hope & The Force Awakens
E Empire Strikes Back & The Last Jedi

39 The Tower of Terror was built to a height of 199 feet so it would not require:
A Bathrooms
B Parking
C Another elevator
D Aviation lights **
E Working kitchen

40 Cirque Du Soleil constructed a theater at Downtown Disney West Side (now Disney Springs) at Walt Disney World to house this show:
A Love
B Ka
C La Nouba **
D Luzia
E Zed

41 Disneyland had plans in the 1990s to construct Hollywoodland with a Crime Stopper attraction featuring this character:
A Eddie Valiant
B Donald Duck
C Goofy
D Basil of Baker Street
E Dick Tracy **

42 Which of these was never a name for the Disneyland-owned hotel at 1717 South Disneyland Drive, that at one point had its own entrance to Paradise Pier?
A Emerald of Anaheim
B Pan Pacific Hotel
C Disney Pacific Hotel
D Disney Paradise Pier Hotel
E Disney Pixar Pier Hotel **

43 Disney California Adventure Park constructed a California Zephyr replica that was home to all of these but:
A Baker’s Field Bakery
B Bur-r-r Bank Ice Cream
C Engine-Ears Toys
D Greetings from California **
E The “Chugga Chugga Chugga” show

44 In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultron tries to take over a city – and ultimately destroys part of it – on this continent:
A North America
B Europe **
C Asia
D Africa
E South America

45 Downtown Disney constructed its first Starbucks in:
A 2001
B 2011
C 2012 **
D 2014
E 2015

46 In Wreck-It Ralph, Diet Cola Mountain erupts and destroys the Cybugs when Ralph makes this candy fall into it:
A M&Ms
B Pop Rocks
C Sweet-Tarts
D Nerds
E Mentos **

47 How many years was it from when the Hatbox Ghost first made its short-lived appearance in The Haunted Mansion until it made a return?
A 20
B 37
C 42
D 46 **
E 50

48 This Walt Disney World Resort hotel was constructed with an A frame to fit the monorail track:
A Disney’s Contemporary Resort **
B Disney’s Old Key West Resort
C Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
D Disney’s Polynesian Resort
E Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

49 What is something you could never have seen at the Hyperion Theater?
A The Genie improvising
B An Elsa quick change during “Let It Go”
C A fairy godmother singing a duet of “A Whole New World”
D Changing tables in the restrooms **
E A performance of Bolero

50 Fill in the blank: Disneyland will never be completed, as long as there is ______________ left in the world:
A Magic
B Love
C Imagination **
D Money
E Pixie Dust