Reply To: Spring 2018 – Disneyland Resort

May 2, 2018 at 1:00 pm #1745

The Disney MountainEars had an AWESOME time in our first MouseAdventure in the Advanced category! We have been stressing out ever since sign-ups and have been planning out strategies for being super-efficient with all of the quests (and NO hints!). It paid off and we worked together excellently.

We are always amazed at the TGG crew’s creativity! Just when we think everything in the park has been used for a quest you guys find new ways to challenge us. It took us a little bit to figure out how the Bugs Land puzzle worked but eventually got it and enjoyed it. In anticipation of Bugs Land closing Jeff had ridden Heimlich and memorized all of the items he passed. He knew the last item was candy corn and we were able to skip riding!

The quest in the Animation Building was really fun. It was nice to be able to sit down and all four of us were kept busy. Then the final route through all of the pictures was very creative!

On Buena Vista Street we could not find the newspaper so we decided that it must be used during the Red Car Trolley News Boys routine. We had a half hour before the next one so we decided to do the Lego quest (Hey, no one said that we would be hiking all the way back there!). I worked on trivia while the rest of the team looked for striped vested legos so that went well and we made it back in time for the Red Car Trolley show but…no double word headers anywhere! We decided to head to Smoke Jumpers to see what we were doing with this info and if we could do without the newspaper header. We almost fainted when we saw what was required! Right away we headed back to gather all of the data once again (and pay more attention to exactly how it was written). During this second pass, Laura looked into the car and found what we were missing!

The Redwood Creek Critical Path quest was awesome! It had many layers and was fun following a “choose your path” route all over the area. We really enjoyed that one! We had to start the construction walls quest over a couple of times because we didn’t understand how some of the cards worked and we would get lost!

Ryan (our Eye Spy whiz) found nine of the Eye Spies on our first go-round and we were able to locate the final three on a second trip. We have never found all of the Eye Spies before!

It took until our third MICE staff member before we noticed the red buttons. We only ever located six of the MICE personnel but it was enough to solve the actual quest and we solved the hidden quest with only four buttons. We were really clicking!

Oh, and Joe, of course we will be back! You guys do a phenomenal job and The Disney MountainEars cannot imagine missing MouseAdventure!