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Correct trivia answers are marked with **

The rides and attractions at Disneyland have been entertaining guests for 63 years. These trivia questions will test your knowledge – and your listening skills – about the beloved songs and scripts heard throughout the park. Feel free to sing (or hum) – but remember, there are other teams around.

1. A portion of Walt’s opening day speech can be heard in the telegraph office at the New Orleans Square Station. True** or False
2. When Mickey says, “Some imagination huh?” during Fantasmic, he is dressed as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. True or False**
3. When Pinocchio is dancing in the first scene of Pinocchio’s Daring Journey, he sings “I’ve Got No Strings.” True or False**
4. The Pirates of the Caribbean sing about doing a lot of things, except:
a. Igniting
b. Kidnapping
c. Plundering
d. Looting
e. Stealing**
5. This Enchanted Tiki Room bird imitates Bing Crosby in “Let’s All Sing Like the Birdies Sing:”
a. Michael
b. Pierre
c. Josephine
d. Jose**
e. Fritz
6. This attraction started the “Permanecer sentados por favor” phenomenon:
a. Monorail
b. Matterhorn Bobsleds**
c. Skyway to Tomorrowland
d. Autopia
e. Submarine Voyage
7. According to the Autopia safety spiel by Bird, keep this amount of space between you and the car in front:
a. Two car lengths
b. One car length**
c. One bird wing
d. Two bird wings
e. One ASIMO
8. This relative in the Carousel of Progress refuses to leave the bathroom and creates his own air conditioner:
a. Cousin Wilbur
b. Cousin Orville**
c. Cousin Alexander
d. Cousin Thomas
e. Cousin Albert
9. According to the host on the Storybook Land Canal Boats, the patchwork quilt made of succulents is from:
a. Mickey & the Beanstalk
b. Fantasia
c. Lullaby Land**
d. Coco
e. Melody Time
10. Onboard the Mark Twain, the announcer welcomes you and says you will start your trip on the:
a. Rio Grande
b. Mississippi**
c. Potomac
d. Columbia
e. Colorado
11. The Haunted Mansion ghost host reminds you to do all the following except:
a. Look alive
b. Stay seated
c. Watch your children
d. Stay together
e. Pull down the safety bar**

Name that tune! Pick the correct song for each of the following clues.

12. Represents Club 33 on the CD collection, “A Musical History of Disneyland:”
a. Married Life
b. When You Wish Upon a Star
c. Feed the Birds**
d. Love Is a Song
e. Down in New Orleans
13. The Country Bear Vacation Hoedown bear band does not perform:
a. California Bears
b. Thank God, I’m a Country Bear
c. On the Road Again
d. Singin’ in the Rain
e. Bare Necessities**
14. Introduction to each segment of America Sings:
a. I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing
b. America the Beautiful
c. Yankee Doodle Dandy**
d. Auld Land Syne
e. Sing a Song
15. Main Street Electrical Parade music:
a. Tubular Bells
b. The Entertainer
c. A Fifth of Beethoven
d. A Taste of Honey
e. Baroque Hoedown**
16. Only song that is sung on Snow White’s Scary Adventures:
a. With a Smile and a Song
b. I’m Wishing
c. The Silly Song**
d. One Song
e. The Washing Song
17. “it’s a small world” Holiday additions:
a. Winter Wonderland & Deck the Halls
b. Jingle Bells & Deck the Halls**
c. Let It Snow & Jingle Bells
d. Deck the Halls & Sleigh Ride
e. Let It Snow & Deck the Halls
18. If it’s snowing at Disneyland:
a. Let it Snow
b. Winter Wonderland
c. Jingle Bells
d. White Christmas**
e. As Long as There’s Christmas
19. Tom Morrow’s song in the queue for Innoventions:
a. America Sings
b. There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow**
c. One Little Spark
d. Makin’ Memories
e. Now Is the Best Time of Your Life
20. As the subs dock at the end of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage:
a. “Under the Sea”
b. “Sea Cruise”
c. “Down Under”
d. “Big Blue World”
e. “Beyond the Sea”**
21. As you exit Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln:
a. “Golden Dreams”**
b. “Just One Dream”
c. “America the Beautiful”
d. “God Bless America”
e. “Dixie”
22. At the end of Captain EO:
a. We Are Here to Change the World
b. Human Nature
c. The Way You Make Me Feel
d. Just Another Part of Me**
e. Rock With You
23. Playing on the gramophone at Tarzan’s Treehouse:
a. Strangers Like Me
b. Swisskapolka**
c. Trashin’ the Camp
d. You’ll Be in My Heart
e. Son of Man

For the final set of questions, complete the quote or lyric from the indicated attraction or show.

24. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: “One ______ day”
a. Sunny
b. Windy
c. Rainy
d. Blustery**
e. Honey
25. Train: “The Disneyland __________ now leaving for a grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom. Board!”
a. Railroad
b. Limited**
c. Train
d. Express
e. Choo Choo
26. Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin: “I’ve got a _____________ hole, I’ll save you!”
a. Magical
b. Secret
c. Portable**
d. Moveable
e. Handy
27. Alice in Wonderland: “Rule ___ : The Queen Always Wins.”
a. 1
b. 10
c. 18
d. 42*
e. 55
28. Peter Pan’s Flight: “There it is _________! Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning.”
a. Everyone
b. Wendy**
c. Guys
d. Kids
e. Darlings
29. Parade: “Welcome to the celebration… with such jubilation. It’s ________.”
a. Totally Minnie
b. Party Gras**
c. Blast to the Past
d. Celebrate! A Street Party
e. America on Parade
30. Rockin’ Space Mountain: “Gonna keep on ___________’til I reach my highest ground.”
a. Climbin’
b. Tryin’**
c. Cryin’
d. Findin’
e. Lyin’
31. Paint the Night Parade: “Switch on the sky and the stars ________ for you”
a. Glow***
b. Shine
c. Gleam
d. Twinkle
e. Shoot
32. Disneyland anniversary special, Once Upon a Time in Anaheim: “And everything I build will be the grandest sort of fantasy. _________________ is the key to Disneyland.”
a. Magic
b. Childhood
c. Mickey
d. Imagination**
e. Wishing
32. Adventure Thru Inner Space: “Miracles from molecules around us everywhere, there are miracles from molecules in the ______, the ______, the air.”
a. Earth, sea**
b. Land, sea
c. Land, trees
d. Earth, trees
e. Rain, sun
34. Star Tours: “Star Tours, what are you doing here? This is a combat zone. It’s restricted. Ease off on your ________ thrusters.”
a. Back
b. Front
c. Main**
d. Side
e. Top
35. Davy Crockett: “Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, _____________ state in the land of the free.”
a. Cleanest
b. Greenest**
c. Sweetest
d. Greatest
e. Wildest
36. Believe in Holiday Magic Fireworks: “Can you remember the ____________ of gingerbread, candy canes and sugar plums that dance inside your head?”
a. Scent
b. Taste
c. Smell**
d. Feel
e. Shape
37. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters: “Targets are worth more when ____________”
a. They are moving
b. They are high
c. They are hidden
d. They are lit**
e. You see me
38. Mickey & Friends Tram: “There may be no lap sitting, except for very young children who are sitting with their ________________”
a. Families
b. Guardians
c. Friends
d. Parents**
e. Siblings
39. Mickey and the Magical Map: “The map contains never-ending magic, for it will never be completed — not as long as there is _________ left in the world.”
a. Dreaming
b. Magic
c. Animation
d. Childhood
e. Imagination**
40. A Christmas Fantasy Parade: “The spirit of the season will make our dreams come true. Memories ________________ are here for me and you!”
a. And spirit
b. Of Christmas**
c. Of magic
d. Of family
e. And laughter
41. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: “Are we on our way to Nottingham, to Brittingham, to Buckingham or any ________ hamlet by the sea, no!”
a. Sunny
b. Silly
c. Hammy**
d. Ingy
e. Wild
42. Remember Dreams Come True: “Good evening… This is ____________________”
a. Walt Disney
b. Mickey Mouse
c. Julie Andrews**
d. Hayley Mills
e. Bob Iger
43. Casey Jr’s Circus Train: Time for __________ and Cracker Jacks …Casey, Jr.’s back…Casey, Jr.’s back
a. Peanuts
b. Ice cream
c. Milkshake
d. Lemonade**
e. Root Beer
44. Splash Mountain: “He’s lookin’ for a little more ___________, But he’s headin’ for a little bit of __________. He’s headin’ for a little bit of __________.”
a. Trouble, Danger, Adventure
b. Adventure, Trouble, Danger**
c. Adventure, Danger, Trouble
d. Excitement, Trouble, Danger
e. Excitement, Danger, Trouble
45. Haunted Mansion Holiday: “On the ninth day of Christmas my ghoul love gave to me nine _________”
a. Balls of knowledge
b. Mystic mirrors
c. Life lines
d. Magic crystals**
e. Wheels of fortune
46. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: “Hang on to them hats and glasses, ‘cuz this here’s the wildest ride in the ________.”
a. Wild
b. West
c. Wilderness**
d. Frontier
e. Desert
47. The Golden Horseshoe: “Hello everybody from ________ to ___________.”
a. Florida, Cali
b. Texas, Chicago
c. Boston, New Orleans
d. Maine, California**
e. New York, Atlanta
48. Jungle Cruise: “Welcome to Beautiful Schweitzer Falls – named for that noted explorer, Dr. ___________”
a. Archie Falls
b. Amos Falls
c. Alfred Falls
d. Andrew Falls
e. Albert Falls**
49. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye: “You looked into my eyes! Your path now leads to the Gates of _______!”
a. Hell
b. Doom***
c. Danger
d. Death
e. Oblivion
50. Mine Train Thru Nature’s Wonderland: “Howdy, folks! Welcome to the little minin’ town of ______________, the gateway to Nature’s Wonderland.”
a. Big Thunder
b. Rainbow Caverns
c. Rainbow Ridge**
d. Thunder Ridge
e. Beaver Valley