Reply To: MouseAdventure at the Museum – February 23-24, 2019

February 15, 2019 at 3:30 pm #2173

Information on museum admission requirements is in the player newsletter that went out today.

Unfortunately the museum has told us they will not allow discounts for tickets.

Here is the information repeated:

The Walt Disney Family Museum is requiring that all players have tickets specific to our MouseAdventure group event purchased from the museum, and has provided this online web link especially for players to purchase admission in advance for February 23 or 24

If you want to wait until game day to purchase admission, you will need to mention that you are with MouseAdventure at the museum ticket desk.

If you are a museum member, you will need to check in at the ticket desk on game day to receive your complimentary admission ticket.

If you have already purchased tickets from the museum, but not through the MouseAdventure-specific link, you will be able to exchange those at the museum when you arrive.

The museum has stated that tickets purchased from other online outlets (e.g. CityPass, Go Card) will not be accepted for admission for MouseAdventure players.