Reply To: Spring 2019 – Disneyland Resort

May 19, 2019 at 7:54 pm #2349

Polo’s question was something along the lines of “Disney characters and movie stars compete in Mickey’s Polo Team short, who is the referee?” This short can be found in the theater and it seemed soooo long until you pop back in the beginning where they had a roster of the old movie stars and Jack Holt was the ref.

Bulletin’s double letter word was ARRIVALS which was in the eating area across from JC.

You got the hidden quest text right which was Valais Valley supplies, that paired with the abominable snowman clue hinted Matterhorn where you can find a crate at FP area with a stamp that said “Valais Ski & Hiking Valley Supplies” and we assumed “ski & hiking” was the hidden quest answer.

We felt the rush too, and cutting it close at the end waiting for the polo short to cycle through and then getting stuck in the parade.