Reply To: Spring 2019 – Disneyland Resort

May 20, 2019 at 3:44 am #2350

Thank you!!! We had about 25 minutes left and were debating on whether to try the Main Street quest or not and figured since it was worth 40 points that it was going to take awhile. We skipped it and found an eye spy instead. I did the question part of it afterwards and it only took me 15 minutes–didn’t do the rest of it. Looks like if we got VERY lucky and saw the exact spot of the movie we might have made it but I doubt it, especially since the parade would have been there by then. Looks like we made the right call!

Dang! One of our teammates thought the abominable snowman might have had something to do with it but we couldn’t figure out what! I’ve been playing for many many years and we’ve only solved the hidden quest once so we were just excited that we got that much!

We wound up turning ours in early at 3:45. At 3:56 we saw one team that finally was allowed to go across the street when there was a break in the parade. Talk about cutting it close! I’m sure they were panicking!

We were told that we got all of our answers right–it just seemed like we didn’t answer that many!! lol Oh well. This is one time I’ll be happy for the middle of the pack if that’s where we end up again!