Reply To: Spring 2019 – Disneyland Resort

May 20, 2019 at 9:59 am #2351

Thank you to all of the teams who dodged the raindrops yesterday to play MouseAdventure: Goofy Sports! We will have complete scores and a full game recap soon.

We gave out some new achievement buttons at the post-game event for teams who solved the hidden quest, got the highest trivia score, were the best all new team (no returning members), plus a few more. You have to appear in person to receive these, so make sure you come next time if you missed out!

Congratulations to our teams who placed:

Advanced (Total possible score 545)
1st – Teamboat Willie – 527
2nd – the no name gang. – 517
3rd – YM’s Majesty – 469

Basic (Total possible score 435)
1st – The Churro Chasers – 409
2nd – Mickey’s Bae Goals – 407
3rd – Cute and Fluffy! – 361

Best New Team (not otherwise placing) – Hit it Skip! – 294

Highest Family Team score – The Loud McLeods – 345

Highest trivia score – Frank n Weenies and Oy, Such Losers! – 44 out of 50