Reply To: Spring Disneyland Resort Game – April 10 (warning: spoilers)

April 12, 2016 at 6:14 pm #512

If (when?) you put out a survey, for the first time, I will not be cursing out the Toontown quest. Although, after having a disastrous time with the Tarzan quest (because reading AND understanding instructions is our specialty), as we starting that one over three times in the midst of having slightly damp quest paper to write on 60 minutes into the competition, of course the Toontown one was easy for us.

I am happy to note that even though we didn’t do well at this event at all (I think we started and skipped more than a handful of quests), we are finally using tips/techniques that have hindered us before. Namely, re-reading instructions carefully to ensure we are answering the correct question, walking in a different direction to see if we can find clues from a new angle, hydrating and snacking so we don’t get hostile towards each other.

I will wish the same thing I do every event though: I wish there was more time! 🙂 Thanks for another fun MA!!