Reply To: Spring Disneyland Resort Game – April 10 (warning: spoilers)

April 12, 2016 at 10:40 pm #515

Phew, reading these posts has been somewhat comforting. For some reason, I found this MA harder compared to some others. I felt like we definitely had to find more things and I think that the new rule about only two people going into stores threw me off. Like SSMORES, we started a bunch of quests but weren’t able to find enough of the clues to finish. Like, we were thisclose to solving the mirror quest but couldn’t figure out what was the sold item was 🙁

And I was also one of those people who put the tea bag away haha.

Oh well, thanks MA Team for putting on another great event! I really liked the AMC venue and check-in went faster than I ever remember it going (maybe it was the smaller amount of players but I’d chalk it up to the efficiency of your staff). One of my teammates missed the reception and formal Q&A (and I have to say I did too) but understand why it wasn’t done. I also liked how fast orientation was! I just wish the game could’ve started earlier since we finished a half hour early, but then again I did like the extra time to just relax before the game started.

And those tea bags were so cute!! Great iDEa 🙂 Can’t wait for the next MA already haha