Reply To: Spring Disneyland Resort Game – April 10 (warning: spoilers)

April 13, 2016 at 5:42 am #519

Thanks for a great time!! Wow! 21st place! I think that might be a record for us! It’s pretty rare for us to move higher than 50%! Everything seemed to click for us.

The one that took the longest was the Toontown quest. We thought it took an awful long time for only 20 points! I have to say I’m a bit tired of looking at the windows in Main Street. Seems like we do that an awful lot. We breezed through the wall one in Critter Country. I always love the visual quests! Our team got smart this time and looked for any quests required unscrambling letters. That paid off for us as we avoided the Tomorrowland quest! When I first saw the railroad quest, I thought it was going to require us to walk all over the park. By the time we got it, we had already walked all over the park so we nixed that one. Later on, while working on another quest, we saw the railroad exhibit at the opera house. Shoot! That one looked like fun. Wish we had at least attempted that one. The two person in a store rule was a little disappointing. Seems like we went in a lot of stores this time and somebody was always left out.

I liked the AMC theater better than the ballroom and the informal gathering at the end rather than the more expensive ballroom gathering. It would be nice if we could be charged per person instead of per team. It would also be nice if MA staff wore a different colored lanyard than the players.

Overall, it seemed to be a much more relaxed day for us this time. Maybe because my brother’s team didn’t play so no head to head competition?? In any event, the Disney Dreamers really had a good time! THANK YOU MA STAFF!! YOU ROCK!!