Reply To: Spring Disneyland Resort Game – April 10 (warning: spoilers)

April 13, 2016 at 12:39 pm #521

The Disney MountainEars are pretty happy with our 11th place finish in Basic! We had some tough moments but even more good victories and good team work! Thanks Third Gate Games for a fun MouseAdventure!

I thought it was too dark in the AMC. It was nice that it was much closer to DL though! Speaking of that, it seems like we always ask for more game time. And we stand around for awhile waiting for 10:00am to roll around. Could we get our packets at 9:45? Or maybe meet for sign in at 8:00 and get started at 9:30? And maybe end at 4:30? That extra hour would have been huge! I guess I’m just a glutton for more MA punishment! Also it seemed weird that we went to different scatter location in DtD. And then we all went in to DL together! Shouldn’t we have had scatter locations in DL itself? Then we’re already in DL at start time instead of making the long walk and having to go thru bag check and the entrance all during game time.

Our experience with the quests sounds like many others who have reported in here: we liked the Critter Country, Toontown and Fantasyland quests and struggled a little but had exciting satisfying breakthroughs on the Frontierland and Main Street quests. We spent way too long, and ultimately were unsuccessful even after two hints on the Tomorrowland quest. Wish we would have spent that time on the RR quest. We got a lot of the questions but finally decided that we didn’t have enough time to get to NOS to finish it off. At 3:58 I turned everything in and at 3:59 Jeff noticed and had the answer to the Hidden Quest. Next time I’ll wait until 4:00 to turn in!

We did not care much for the new “store” rule. I understand that we’re running out of “data” in the parks but it was not satisfying to just sit outside and wait with nothing to do. Maybe if we knew which stores were in the mix, it might be OK. As it was we had to split up too many times.

We always love Eye Spies! It gives all of us something else to be checking for while working on the quests. And it’s a good way to break up ties. The doors were fun. We only found five but that’s our own problem! And for once we excelled in the trivia. I enjoyed studying for this one. Always loved Alice!

Well, we all know what the Basic quests looked like. Maybe the Advanced teams could give us a run down of their three extra quests. Steph says Day at the Park won’t have any of them so no need to worry about spoilers! And it’s always fun to see what we missed out on!

Thanks again for a great day with my team!