Reply To: Spring Disneyland Resort Game – April 10 (warning: spoilers)

April 14, 2016 at 12:49 pm #530

Thanks MouseAdventure Crew for the hard work, this was obviously my favorite MA ever because WE WON! haha #humblebrag. Team Awesom-O, 1st place in Basic. AVP was weirded out by us because we were so depressed when we turned in. We ended up guessing (correctly, I later learned) on the tomorrowland quest and didn’t get some of the doorknobs. I know that there’s supposed to be more quests than you can finish, but we are crazy perfectionists.

My only complaint would be that Tomorrowland quest. There were too many “and” words around that fit the first/last letters given but apparently were not correct. maybe an extra letter should have been given instead of just first and last, or the number of letter should have been shown in order to differentiate. For example instead of “banana and crackers” we thought it was (Tinker) “Bell and Friends” in the pin store. We did not attend the informal gathering in favor of Food and Wine, but I did miss the debrief/awards ceremony a bit.

Did we win anything? Am I supposed to contact someone?

Also how do the different divisions work? Are we supposed to play in Advanced now? If we stayed in Basic and won 3x would we become Masters or just pushed up into Advanced?