Reply To: MouseAdventure Villains Post-Game Discussion [Spoilers]

October 18, 2016 at 9:38 am #848

Team So Close, Yet So Jafar took a very close second in the New Team division, I think because we got the Paradise Pier question wrong. (I assume you would see the sideshow at the Sideshow Shirts store, considering it was in the name). I guess it was payback for just unscrambling the magic bands in the security line, but I was hoping our answer would have qualified too :(.

We loved the Monster’s Inc Quiz, had fun arguing about the eyelashes on Luigi’s, and glad we got to experience the Camp Wilderness in a new way. The Animation Building one was relatively easy, and we were so frustrated that we could not find the stupid washing machine clue (but still figured out the quest question and answer) until one hour after the event ended as we were walking to Starbucks for a recovery drink.