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October 19, 2016 at 1:52 pm #862

Hi Teams,

Here is the trivia. The right answer is marked with **
If you typically skip trivia – remember, there is no penalty for guessing — and you might know more than you think.

Also, if you read the quotes in the game pack – you had the answer to question No. 40. 🙂

MA Trivia: Villains

1) In “The Princess and the Frog,” Dr. Facilier is also called this:
a. The Dark Magic Man
b. The Night Man
c. The Evil Doc
d. The Shadow Man**
e. The Witch Doctor

2) What does Merlin turn into during the wizards dual in The Sword in the Stone to defeat Mad Madam Mim?
a. A Tiger
b. A Germ**
c. A Dragon
d. A Dinosaur
e. A Snake

3) Which of these villainous creatures are you supposed to look out for in the queue of Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Eye
a. Rats
b. Vermin
c. Snakes
d. Zombies
e. Bats**

4) In the musical “Pete’s Dragon,” what’s the name of the Doctor who wants to steal Elliot?
a. Doc Gogan
b. Doc Terminus**
c. Doc Hogan
d. Doc Lantern
e. Doc Hogie

5) What are the names of Hades’ henchmen in Hercules:
a. Amphitryon and Alcmene
b. Hera and Zeus
c. Pain and Panic*
d. Death and Dismemberment
e. Phil and Pegasus

6) What is Jafar’s title in the Sultan’s palace in Aladdin?
a. Grand Vizier**
b. Lord Steward
c. Prime Minister
d. Head Sorcerer
e. Vice-Sultan

7) Which apple dish does Nathaniel try to get Giselle to eat in Central Park in Enchanted:
a. Apple muffin
b. Apple pie
c. Apple sauce
d. Caramel apple**
e. Appletini

8) In Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Ms. Price threatens to turn the Nazi colonel into this:
a. A newt
b. A rabbit**
c. A broomstick
d. A cat
e. A fish

9) To become the old hag, the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs uses all but:
a. Mummy Dust
b. Black of Night
c. Blast of Wind
d. Scream of Fright
e. Bones of a Bat*

10) Pinocchio’s J Worthington Foulfellow is also known as:
a. Foxy Loxy
b. Honest John**
c. Gideon
d. Foul Fox
e. Dishonest John

11) The lead mean elephant in Dumbo is voiced by the same actress who voices this villain:
a. Maleficent
b. Ursula
c. The Queen of Hearts**
d. Lady Tremaine
e. The Evil Queen

12) Harry, everyone’s favorite Abominable Snowman, was added to the Matterhorn Boblsleds in:
a. 1976
b. 1978**
c. 1980
d. 1982
e. 1984

13) Fantasia’s Chernabog’s name is Slavic for this:
a. Lighting God
b. Bat God
c. Voldemort
d. Black God**
e. Night God

14) On Splash Mountain, who says: There’s nothing in here but bees.”:
a. Brer Bear**
b. Brer Fox
c. Brer Rabbit
d. Brer Frog
e. Mr. Bluebird

15) In the live-action Cinderella, Ella is told to call her stepmother:
a. Mrs. Tremaine
b. Stepmother
c. Madame**
d. Mother
e. Lady Tremaine

16) In Peter Pan, Captain Hook has his hook on his right hand: True or False**:

17) Of the villains below in Disneyland’s Fantasmic! This one comes first:
a. Chernabog
b. Ursula
c. Captain Hook
d. Monstro
e. Kaa**

18) Which of these villains does not get to sing a song:
a. Scar
b. Ursula
c. Mother Goethl
d. Dr. Facilier
e. The Queen of Hearts**

19) This member of the Fab Five starred in Der Fuehrer’s Face:
a. Mickey
b. Minnie
c. Donald**
d. Goofy
e. Pluto

20) In The Incredibles, what is Syndrome’s real name:
a. Buddy Pine**
b. Oswald Cobblepot
c. Henry Pym
d. Tommy Devito
e. Gordon Gecko

21) What is the last name of the sister witches in Hocus Pocus
a. Sanders
b. Spellman
c. Lestrange
d. Granger
e. Sanderson**

22) This actor voices villainous adventurer Charles Muntz in Up:
a. Paul Newman
b. Jon Voight
c. Ed Asner
d. Christopher Plummer**
e. Ed Harris

23) In The Wind in the Willows, Toad trades the deed for Toad Hall to the weasels in exchange for:
a. An airplane
b. A motor car**
c. A horse
d. A pub
e. A locomotive

24) How was the evil Vicky in the original Parent Trap connected to the evil Meredith in the remake?
a. Vicky was Meredith’s sister
b. Vicky was Meredith’s mother**
c. Vicky was Meredith’s aunt
d. Vicky was Meredith’s teacher
e. Vicky and Meredith were not connected

25) How did Cruella de Vil know Anita?
a. They met in the park
b. Cruella dated Roger
c. Cruella sold Anita Perdita
d. They went to school together**
e. Cruella was her next-door neighbor

26) This actor voices the villainous Hopper the grasshopper in “A Bug’s Life”:
a. Kevin Spacey**
b. Dennis Hopper
c. James Caan
d. Kevin Pollack
e. Denis Leary

27) What is the name of the Bride in attic of the Haunted Mansion?
a. Sara
b. Leota
c. Sally
d. Elizabeth
e. Constance**

28) When Strombolli locks Pinocchio in a cage, this character frees him:
a. Jiminy Cricket
b. Gepetto
c. The Blue Fairy **
d. Lampwick
e. Figaro

29) In the animated Robin Hood, this actor voices Prince John
a. Pat Buttram
b. Peter Ustinov**
c. Terry Thomas
d. Andy Devine
e. Phil Harris

30) In The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, according to the song from Brom Bones, what makes the Headless Horseman’s power end?
a. Throwing salt at him
b. Smashing his pumpkin head
c. Getting him off his horse
d. Crossing the bridge**
e. Singing to him

31) What is the name of the leader of the Huns in Mulan?
a. Fa-Zhou
b. Shan-Yu**
c. Ping
d. Chein-Po
e. Shang

32) According to the song “Yo Ho! A Pirates Life for Me,” which of these is NOT something the pirates do:
a. Inflame
b. Extort
c. Pillage
d. Rob**
e. Loot

33) In The Rescuers, what is the name of the jewel that Madame Medusa sends Penny to find:
a. The Devil’s Heart
b. The Devil’s Ear
c. The Devil’s Eye**
d. The Devil’s Brain
e. The Devil’s Hand

34) What planet did “Darth Vader” grow up on?
a. Tatooine**
b. Hoth
c. Coruscant
d. Naboo
e. Endor

35) In Toy Story 2, Al sold Woody and the Round-Up Gang to a museum in:
a. Hong Kong
b. Shanghai
c. Paris
d. Tokyo**
e. Orlando

36) What villain said: “Ah, how shall I do it? Oh, I know. I’ll turn him into a flea, a harmless, little flea, and then I’ll put that flea in a box, and then I’ll put that box inside of another box, and then I’ll mail that box to myself, and when it arrives…I’ll smash it with a hammer.”
a. Madame Mim
b. Yzma**
c. Madame Medusa
d. Ursula
e. Mother Goethl

37) Lilo tells Stitch: “This is your ________ level. It’s unusually high for someone your size. We have to fix that.”
a. Evil
b. Meanness
c. Badness**
d. Destruction
e. Devilish

38) In Cars, who is Chick Hicks’ sponsor?
a. Buy-N-Large
b. Dinoco
c. Lightyear Tires
d. Hostile Takeover Bank**
e. Rust-eze

39) In Meet the Robinsons, when the Bowler Hat Guy asks the T-Rex “Why aren’t you seizing the boy?” this is his response:
a. “It’s my lunch break.”
b. “I’m too tired from running.”
c. “Why aren’t YOU seizing the boy?”
d. “What boy?”
e. “I have a big head and little arms.”**

40) In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, What did Judge Doom want to build in place of Toontown?
a. Doomtown Amusement Park
b. A courthouse
c. A freeway**
d. A movie studio
e. A mansion

41) According to Frozen’s Anna, this is Prince Hans’ best friend’s name….probably
a. James
b. John**
c. Robert
d. Howard
e. Christopher

42) Queen Narissa is this to Prince Edward in Enchanted:
a. His mother
b. His stepmother**
c. His aunt
d. His grandmother
e. His sister

43) What is the name of the support group Wreck-It Ralph attends with other “villains”:
a. Bad Anon**
b. Villains Anonymous
c. Bad Guys of Games
d. Friends of Bowser
e. Children of the Revolution

44) Lots-O Huggin’ Bear in Toy Story 3 has the scent of:
a. Grape
b. Cotton Candy
c. Vanilla
d. Strawberry**
e. Cherry

45) How many eggs does Gaston say he ate as a lad?
a. One-Dozen
b. Two Dozen
c. Three-Dozen
d. Four-Dozen**
e. Five-Dozen

46) Who tells Maleficent “you weren’t wanted” at the party in Sleeping Beauty?
a. King Stephan
b. Flora
c. Merriweather**
d. Fauna
e. King Hubert

47) In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, what was Judge Frollo’s first name?
a. Phoebus
b. Claude**
c. Maurice
d. Javert
e. Clopin

48) In Captain E/O, the team sings this song, which turns the Supreme Leader from evil to good:
a. “You’re Just Another Part of Me”
b. “P.Y.T.”
c. “The Way You Make Me Feel”
d. “We Are Here to Change the World”**
e. “Rock With You”

49) What was the first year Space Mountain got its “Ghost Galaxy” overlay at Disneyand Park?
a. 2007
b. 2009**
c. 2011
d. 2013
e. 2015

50) In Disney’s live action Treasure Island, what was Long John Silver’s role on the ship?
a. First Mate
b. Captain
c. Chef**
d. Cabin Boy
e. Lookout