Reply To: MouseAdventure Villains Post-Game Discussion [Spoilers]

October 20, 2016 at 9:27 am #870

“A large number of teams thought the answer to the MagicBands quest was related to the Sideshow Shirts location. I helped a few teams with hints for that quest.”

Seems like that should have been counted as correct. Considering the vague question asked about a Sideshow, and the Sideshow shirts store was in the pier area very near where teams were solving the quest, you can see why we would assume the question leads there.

Also did not like that there was only one Mouse Adventure Central, or having to return there 3 times to get the Buena Vista quest because we were unlucky with the apples. Wish we hadn’t even bothered with that quest though because besides finding all the answers, the directions were so bad about how to fill in the tree that we still couldn’t figure it out.

Were not even able to attempt one quest because the ride was down.

And was given wrong/misleading information from staff about the Cars quest.

So after a day of hard work we were flat out frustrated enough that this may have been our last game after ten years of playing. 🙁