MouseAdventure Fall Registration – September 10, 2023

MouseAdventure: Back to the Park Part II - Disneyland Park

Please note:  You are registering for the Advanced division.  This is a more difficult version of the game and not recommended for first time players.  If you have played the basic version of MouseAdventure and need more of a challenge, then this division is for you.  Many quests will have less instruction and there are no hints given.  If you find the basic version of MouseAdventure to be challenging, your team should continue to play in the Basic division.  We will not be able to accommodate moving teams from the advanced division to the basic division and all registrations are final.

All players on your team will need admission and a reservation to Disneyland Park on Sunday, September 10.

MouseAdventure registration does not include theme park admission. All registrations are final—there are no refunds.