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We were sad when we had to cancel our Disneyland Resort event for May. Right now, most of us are remaining at home, and we've heard from many of you that the monthly puzzles are great but you want more.

The Third Gate Games team put our heads together and took stock of the supply closet to come up with a solution: MouseAdventure in a Box! We hope this event will capture the competitive nature of an in-park event while completing the quests in your own home. Instead of receiving a packet on the morning of the game, some components will be mailed ahead, and others will be available online starting the day of the event.

You can have as many or as few people on your team as you want, but due to the limited quantity of materials we can only send one box per household address. As opposed to our usual game, technology and access to the internet will be required. Use whatever you need to complete the quests (pencils, pens, scissors, tape, flashlights, highlighters, etc.). If you're not all under the same roof, you may have to get creative with video conferencing and screen sharing! It's all part of the fun.

Registration opens on April 14. Due to the extremely limited amount of materials we have available for this version, we strongly encourage interested teams to register as soon as possible. The cost will be $45 per team, plus Priority mail postage (approx. $8.30).

The event will kick off on May 2, and competitive teams will want to have all of their members available that day. The Third Gate Games team will be available virtually for hints and help for set hours. Of course, you may take as much time as you need to complete the quests. We will not have prizes, so you will be competing for bragging rights from your placement on the leaderboard.

Depending on the success of this event, we hope to continue with this type of offering in the future. We hope you join us to find out what is in the box!?

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  2. Not sure if we were able to register successfully or not. Got to a screen to enter Credit card info, and clicked register button but then it just hung there. Will we get an email with confirmation? Or is there a list of teams to see if we got in or not?

  3. Hmm, it seems to have sold out while I was waiting on the spinning thing after team name entry without refreshing as directed on the FB post. Then it appears others started over and got in behind me and others. Definitely not a fun quest.

    In fact, that tab is still spinning.

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      1. Will the answers be posted anywhere? We finished all of the quests, but we had to brute force our way through a few of the answers (especially for the sounds quest). No worries if not, we’re just curious 🙂

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