Reply To: WDW Spring 2017 – Magic Kingdom and Resorts

March 7, 2017 at 10:20 am #1047

We hope everyone who played this past weekend had fun. Huge thanks from the Third Gate Games crew to all of the teams that came out to play.

Congratulations to our teams that placed:

Best new team: The Monorail Marauders – 375 points

Third place: Pquizadactyl – 490

Second place: Midnight Madness Marauders – 535

First place: Conflicting Weenies Social Club – 540 (of a possible total of 630)

Conflicting Weenies now join the ranks of our Masters teams, and are the first Florida-only Masters!

We will have a full list of scores up soon. Please ask about any quests you weren’t able to finish or want to know the answers for. A full rundown of quests and answers will be posted on our site later this month.