Reply To: MouseAdventure Villains Post-Game Discussion [Spoilers]

October 21, 2016 at 11:18 am #880

Could I get our team breakdown too? Team 4046, Death by Monkeys.

We had a great game, but the Cars quest ended up costing us a spot in the top three 🙁 We had two of the three Cars correct, but must have screwed something up on the third car along the way. That was our least favorite quest because of the tedium and the standing in the sun for a long period of time. We ended up abandoning it on the first attempt because the area was too crowded and we couldn’t even see the cars clearly. We like the clever, “solving” quests more than the ones like that where there really isn’t any twist to it.

We decoded the MagicBands quest in the security line and the Monsters Inc. line, and found the answer accidentally because that just happened to be where a team member needed to go to the bathroom! How fortuitous. We had an easier time with the Monsters quest because we found a blacklight corner in Belle’s library and wrote the blacklight letters/numbers out there before even hitting the Monsters Inc. ride. Again, how fortuitous! I think our favorite quests were the ones in Grizzly River and the challenge trail. We explored a lot of rope bridges I’d never gone through before, haha.

This game seemed to just come together well for us — we found every single eye-spy, and two quests we found every scrap of info needed (generally we’re missing one or two things and just muscle our way through anyway). This was also the first time we found the hidden quest in enough time to work it out and solve it. We spent a lot of time trying to unscramble the letters without realizing that the order was laid out for us on the white quest packet envelope. That helped a lot once we figured it out!

Overall great game for us, very fun!