Reply To: Spring 2019 – Disneyland Resort

May 19, 2019 at 7:10 pm #2348

Does anyone else need a nap and a foot massage besides me?? Thanks for another great game! It feels like we didn’t accomplish much this time–lots of quests not even attempted. I have questions!

On Polo (Main St): What was the question and answer?

What was the hidden quest? We noticed the bowling shoes on the rules page and got “vala is valley supplies” but that’s it.

On Fishing (Adventureland): What was the word for the last picture? I had LL for bulletin but that was wrong.

On Track (Tomorrowland): What/where were: F. …with predictions of ________things to come. and H. Please see Mission Commander for __________.

On Skeet Shooting (arcade): We know that “sky” is “skeleton rides a horse”. We shot that sky a million times and never saw it!!!! Where was it?? That quest took us forever it seemed like!!

We completed only four quests plus the photo pass and trivia. Doesn’t seem like very much this time! I think I’ll be happy to be in the half way point! Ha!