MinnieMouseAdventure @ RetroMagic – September 30

  • July 7, 2023 at 1:16 pm #11082

    Our friends at RetroWDW (https//retrowdw.com) (a fantastic podcast you should listen to) are throwing another one of their epic events this October to celebrate EPCOT’s 40th anniversary. RetroMagic (https://www.retrowdw.com/retromagic) will take place at the Yacht Club Convention Center on Sunday, October 1, and there is an amazing lineup of Imagineers and other individuals who were involved with EPCOT’s beginnings in store, including a special panel on the Imagination pavilion with Disney Legend Tony Baxter. Third Gate Games is attending the Sunday event, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to share MouseAdventure with more people.

    Third Gate Games is hosting a free, non-competitive “MinnieMouseAdventure” on Saturday before the main RetroMagic event to provide a shorter, sample-size version of MouseAdventure. We will have a few puzzles from past events at EPCOT, reworked to take advantage of any updates since they were originally used. Players will be able to pick up a packet from Third Gate Games in the RetroWDW registration area on Saturday and then spend some time puzzling away in EPCOT before the RetroMagic presentations begin on Sunday.

    Tickets are still available for RetroMagic at https://www.retrowdw.com/lbvhs/retromagic-ep40/, so come join us for a full weekend of EPCOT fun!

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